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Your no.1 luxury domestic staffing agency to offer you experienced Domestic Couples.

The responsibilities of a Domestic Couple can vary depending upon the needs of every household. Generally, these roles include a combination of duties such as laundry, housekeeping, grocery and errand running, wardrobe management, chauffeuring, pet care, butler service, childcare, household management and the management of other junior staff.

Melissa Offer Private Staff Ltd. finds you the best Domestic Couples who are well experienced in their roles and are available to work with increased flexibility. Together, they can take the responsibility of covering the core duties to run the operations of a successful private household. Our Domestic Couple candidates have the complete ability to become the only necessary permanent staff members for smaller properties.

Open the doors of your household to the perfect domestic staff.

Our recruitment team has extensive experience of recruiting the finest candidates for Domestic Couple jobs. We understand the implication of discretion, and therefore, we accommodate the most experienced and industry leading domestic staff to enter through the doors of your home.

Melissa Offer Private Staff Ltd. provides you with the finest private staffing service; all our Domestic Couples are rigorously screened, tested and thoroughly reference-checked before joining us.

Finding you the best match of Domestic Couples for your household.

We believe that there is no such thing as the best professional domestic staff – it’s just the best match for you. If you’re looking to hire a Domestic Couple, Melissa Offer Private Staff Ltd. can match you with the best Domestic Couples on the market. Our consultants work with multiple professional Domestic Couples that have a variety of assorted skills and experience. During our shortlisting process, we consider their work experience, professional backgrounds and their character and personality, ensuring you’re well informed before the interview stage.

Melissa’s bespoke approach

You can trust Melissa with your high-class domestic needs regardless of the geography. We work by understanding the right match for those needs. We want to ensure that your property and lifestyle run to the highest of standards, which is why we offer a dedicated, bespoke service with one-to-one attention.

The entirety of our service is built around understanding our clients and their household needs. We use our experience in the private sector, our specialist knowledge and psychological insights to provide you with the most suited household staff candidates. Melissa’s personalised approach will save you time, leading to fewer CVs and the most suitable candidates.

Our private household staffing service is a step above all other domestic staff agencies in London.

The perfect compatibility between our client and staff is not something that occurs by coincidence. We are a Domestic Couple’s agency taking pride in partnering households with Domestic Couples who are able to adjust smoothly into their new environments and become swiftly attuned to the distinctive requirements of their employer families.

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