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Hire a Butler

Hire a Butler for your household with Melissa Offer Private Staff Ltd.

The role of a Butler is incredibly diverse and mainly on the bespoke needs of each household. The responsibilities are far-reaching and varied, but generally include silver service; wardrobe management; care of fine china; travel packing; valet; meeting and greeting of guests and residents; management and training of other private staff members; driving and often travelling with the principal and family.

Melissa Offer Private Staff Ltd. finds you the most suited Butler tailored to your household needs and preferences. Our candidates possess a positive attitude and excellent communication skills to manage and withstand a demanding workload. They will have a sound understanding of what is required of them and are well experienced in their role.

Your Butler from Melissa Offer Private Staff Ltd. will share the highest standards both in terms of their own professional appearance and the services of your household.

Professional Butler hire for luxury establishments, UHNW & UHNWI private residences.

If you’re looking to hire a Butler, our accomplished recruitment team can help find the best match. As a leading domestic recruitment agency, we specialise in sourcing professional and expertly trained candidates for your private household roles. We understand the need for the discretion of each household and its residents.

Melissa Offer Private Staff Ltd. provides you with the finest private staffing service; all of our domestic candidates are rigorously screened, tested and thoroughly reference-checked before joining us.

The Butlers we have on-board possess a wide range of expertise and skills. Along with their professional experience and achievements, we consider each candidates’ character and personality when matching them with the job openings, ensuring the best possible fit.

Melissa’s bespoke approach

You can trust Melissa with your high-class domestic needs regardless of the geography. We work by understanding the right match for those needs. We want to ensure that your property and lifestyle run to the highest of standards, which is why we offer a dedicated, bespoke service with one-to-one attention.

The entirety of our service is built around understanding our clients and their household needs. We use our experience in the private sector, our specialist knowledge and psychological insights to provide you with the most suited household staff candidates. Melissa’s personalised approach will save you time, leading to fewer CVs and the most suitable candidates.

We take pride in our high standards of bespoke private staffing for your household.

The perfect compatibility between our client and staff is not something that occurs by coincidence — we partner households with Butlers who are able to adjust smoothly into their new environment and become swiftly attuned to the distinctive requirements of their principal families.

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