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Tending to the lady of the house’s wardrobe and other personal affairs, the Lady’s Maids focus is attending to the satisfaction and assistance of the Lady of the house. The role of a Lady’s Maid also extends to a much wider scope while staying in-line with a modern woman’s everyday needs and requirements.

Encompassing a full spectrum of talents and responsibilities, Melissa Offer Private Staff Ltd. engages Lady’s Maids for hire who are experts at personal grooming, styling advice and wardrobe assistance. We ensure your Lady’s Maids meets your high standards and traditions of the household in regards to culture, etiquette, and any specialities you may expect from her.

Sophistication, skill and elegance – qualities of our experienced Lady’s Maids.

Hired to serve as a Lady’s Maid to the female of the house, our candidates will serve as a professional private maid. Lady’s Maids from Melissa Offer Private Staff Ltd. are dedicated to assisting modern-day women who lead a busy lifestyle with several social and professional engagements to attend to. We understand the demands of modern females; and how they require personal, household, and lifestyle assistance.

A Lady’s Maid will not only travel with the lady of the house but may also act as her private assistant in dealing with all her arrangements before and during travel; which includes maintenance of her wardrobe and garments, taking care of the well-being and scheduling engagements of the day ahead. A Lady’s Maid will assist her employer in all aspects, ensuring that all her personal living quarters are maintained to the highest of standards.

Melissa’s bespoke approach.

You can trust Melissa with your high-class domestic needs regardless of the geography. We work by understanding the right match for those needs. We want to ensure that your property and lifestyle run to the highest of standards, which is why we offer a dedicated, bespoke service with one-to-one attention.

The entirety of our service is built around understanding our clients and their household needs. We use our experience in the private sector, our specialist knowledge and psychological insights to provide you with the most suited household staff candidates. Melissa’s personalised approach will save you time, leading to fewer CVs and the most suitable candidates.

We take pride in the experience, commitment and professionalism of our Lady’s Maids for hire.

The perfect compatibility between our client and staff is not something that occurs by coincidence — we partner our female clients with Lady’s Maids who are able to adjust smoothly into their new environments. And become swiftly attuned to the distinctive requirements of their principal employer.

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