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A capable and versatile individual to carry out your personal and business tasks with responsibility and ease.

The interpersonal skills of a professional and experienced PA are unparalleled. Their primary role is to be a problem solver with incredible common sense whilst making the day-to-day life of their principal easy and effortless. The duties of a Personal Assistant include time management, scheduling, running errands, house-opening, and other important matters.

Your PA from Melissa Offer Private Staff Ltd. will be an ideal assistant with their reputation earned through and supported by several years of industry experience responding to the needs of high profile people working across  the globe. You can set your mind at ease by engaging one of Melissa Offer Private Staffing’s PA’s to assist with everything you need to do.

Our Personal Assistants will be an indispensable attaché to their principal.

If you are looking to recruit a PA, our accomplished team at Melissa Offer Private Staff Ltd. can help. We find you excellent PA’s with an excellent degree of discipline and personal initiative who can work well in a fast-paced and competitive environment. Our recruitment team will connect you with high-calibre Personal Assistants who will understand the unique aspects of your needs and will prove themselves as your first point of contact.

Melissa Offer Private Staff Ltd. offers you a luxury private staffing service; all our Personal Assistants are rigorously screened, tested and thoroughly reference-checked before joining the team.

Set your mind and daily business at ease by engaging one of Melissa Offer Private Staff’s PA’s to assist with fulfilling your responsibilities with greater efficiency. We understand how this role is for only those who have excellent interpersonal skills and administrative ability; therefore, our PA’s are cordial as well as capable.

Melissa’s bespoke approach.

You can trust Melissa with your high-class domestic needs regardless of the geography. We work by understanding the right match for those needs. We want to ensure that your property and lifestyle run to the highest of standards, which is why we offer a dedicated, bespoke service with one-to-one attention.

The entirety of our service is built around understanding our clients and their household needs. We use our experience in the private sector, our specialist knowledge and psychological insights to provide you with the most suited household staff candidates. Melissa’s personalised approach will save you time, leading to fewer CVs and the most suitable candidates.

Intuitive and attentive individuals to match your high calibre lifestyle by Melissa Offer Private Staff Ltd.

The perfect compatibility between our client and staff is not something that occurs by coincidence — we partner our client with Personal Assistants who are able to adjust easily into their new environments and become swiftly attuned to the distinctive requirements of their principal families.

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