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House Managers

Hire a House Manager from our exclusive agency.

A successful private House Manager is multi-skilled and highly proactive, as well as easy to get along with. They may be asked to act as Chauffeur, Personal Assistant, Security, Cook or even Events Organiser.

For households in a rural setting, they might also be asked to assist with shoots and take care of firearms. In those instances, the ability to organise a shoot weekend and manage staff accordingly would be essential.

In households with a team of private staff, the House Manager is often responsible for all the staff based within the house itself. But the general role is to ensure the smooth running of the household and maintenance and cleanliness of all residences.

At Melissa PS we understand that finding the right person for the role is integral to both your household and your peace of mind. Put that responsibility in the hands of someone with years of experience, who has placed hundreds of successful applicants in households across the world.

Role requirements:

  • Procurement and Money Management skills
  • Organising of social and family events
  • Caring for household’s guests and visitors
  • Household project management
  • Maintenance of the property
  • Training and health and safety
  • Household manual
  • Maintaining security and communication systems and record keeping
  • Overseeing household staff including hiring, termination, payroll management and performance reviews
  • Inventory
  • Training in silver service

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