Estate & Household Staff


Hire a Luxury Housekeeper from our exclusive agency.

A successful Private Housekeeper is multi-skilled and highly proactive, as well as easy to get along with. They may be asked to act as Personal Assistant, Security, Cook or even Events Organiser. But generally, the role is as it sounds – to oversee, manage and be responsible for the upkeep of the household.

In households with a team of private staff, the Housekeeper is often responsible for all the staff based within the house itself. But the general role is to ensure the smooth running of the household and maintenance and cleanliness of all residences.

At Melissa PS we understand the importance of discretion when taking on any household staff, though especially the Housekeeper role, as they are inevitably privy to private affairs. Accordingly, we only bring forward the very highest calibre of candidate.

Role requirements:

  • Laundry/Ironing
  • Care of specialist materials and fabrics
  • Cooking
  • Wardrobe management
  • Unpacking and packing of suitcases
  • Shopping
  • Errands
  • Strong time management skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Meticulous use of proper safety procedures
  • Flexible
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Self-directed and motivated

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