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Historically, Ladies maids were chosen by a Princess (or the Queen herself), the Royal Family, or a combination of both. Ladies maids are a companion, confidante, attendant, lady-in-waiting and waiting-woman. They are solely responsible for the outward appearances of the lady of the house and the image she wishes to project to the world.

This honourable role is a position of trust. Not only are you welcomed into a household and family home, but you are exposed to and privy to the most intimate personal aspects of the household while being entrusted to be professional and ensure discretion at all times.

The role itself, whilst often looked at as more of a traditional staffing role, a ladies maid is not dissimilar to a personal assistant but focuses on the personal rather than the professional.

At Melissa Offer Private Staffing, we understand the levels of experience, attention to detail and professionalism this job requires. We work with you to ensure that you find not only your ideal candidate but one you feel comfortable welcoming into your home and your everyday life.

What can I expect when hiring a Ladies' Maid?

It is no exaggeration to say that adding a Ladies maid to any household with a busy châtelaine can be transformative. Also traditionally referred to as a lady-in-waiting, a Ladies maid is singularly assigned to the lady of the house. It is the female equivalent of a Gentleman’s valet.

Typically, ladies maids will travel with their employer on almost all occasions to assist or offer advice. Being mindful of manners, formalities, and etiquette is of great importance in this role, as is constantly being professional in appearance.

At Melissa Offer Private Staffing, we also expect traditional values and that ladies maids are experienced and mindful and informed about etiquette, local cultures, and formalities.

In keeping with tradition, ladies’ maids are often on duty from the moment their employer wakes until the time she goes to bed. But of greater importance is the art of discretion. A private ladies’ maid holds a position of trust in that she is privy to the personal lives of her employers. This puts her in a powerful position that she should never abuse.

At Melissa Offer Private Staffing, we are passionate about placing the right people in your household – to fit in seamlessly with your life. This is why we take the time to listen to your requirements to help eliminate any areas of concern and find the best ladies maid for your household.

What is required from Ladies' maids?

As mentioned, a ladies maid can sound broad in its title, but some responsibilities include:

  • Wardrobe management and inventory, including packing skills and specialist experience in cleaning and caring for delicate and rare fabrics, furs and jewellery
  • Personal shopper experience
  • Interest and knowledge of high-end fashion and designer brands
  • Experience as a PA in either fashion or private household
  • Current knowledge of beauty industry fashions and popular treatments
  • Personal care

We are dedicated to finding the perfect match for your estate/household requirements and lifestyle. Speak to our experienced agents today and see how we can find your ideal candidate.

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