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Hire a Ladies Maid from our exclusive Maid agency.

It is no exaggeration to say that the addition of a Lady’s Maid to any household with a busy chatelaine can be transformative. Also traditionally referred to as a Lady-In-Waiting, a Lady’s Maid is singularly assigned to the lady of the house. It is the female equivalent of a Gentlemen’s Valet.

The role provides her with lifestyle assistance, not dissimilar to a personal assistant, but dealing with the personal as opposed to more professional side of her employer’s life. This often includes style advice, personal shopping and in some instances dressing.

Typically, a Lady’s Maid will travel with her employer to almost all occasions, so that she is always on hand to be of assistance or offer advice. Being mindful of manners, formalities and etiquette is of great importance in this role, as is always being neat, tidy and dressed appropriately for both the weather and the occasion.

In keeping with tradition, the Lady’s Maid is on-duty from the moment her employer wakes, until the time she goes to bed. But of greater importance than all this amalgamated is the art of discretion. A Private Lady’s Maid holds a position of trust, in that she is privy to the personal lives of her employers. This puts her in a powerful position that she should never abuse.

At Melissa PS we are passionate about placing the right people in your household – to fit in with you and your life seamlessly.

Role requirements:

  • Wardrobe management and inventory, including packing skills and specialist experience in cleaning and caring for delicate and rare fabrics, furs and jewellery
  • Personal shopper experience
  • Interest and knowledge of high-end fashion and designer brands
  • Experience as a PA in either fashion or private household
  • Current knowledge of beauty industry fashions and popular treatments
  • Personal care

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