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Discover The Best Protocol Courses For Your Resort Staff

Well-trained staff at resorts and hotels are essential to provide your guests with excellent customer service and ensure they have an enjoyable stay. When you hire your staff, you should be looking for a set of attributes that work well with your clientele along with a strong work ethic. Employees may come with some training which is a bonus, but as an employer, it is also your job to offer further training and protocol courses to your resort staff. 

What is protocol defined as?

Explained simply, protocol is defined as the system of acceptable behaviour and rules used on the proper occasions. In regards to a hospitality and resort context, protocol is practical knowledge of the resort or hotel operations, along with health and safety, cleanliness protocol and more. Resort protocol should be followed at all client touch points of the establishment and some aspects such as health and safety should also apply to employees. 

Why is protocol important?

Protocol ensures that proper customer service is being provided to clients whilst also strengthening the organisation of the business. As a luxury resort, you should be striving to offer the best experience possible for guests and this is impossible without protocol training. Not only does this increase the pleasure of the stay for your guests, but it also makes sure they are safe and clean. Health and safety protocol is the absolute bare minimum for a hospitality business, your staff should all be trained in this, regardless of how much client contact an employee may have. Offering protocol training courses for resort staff is also imperative to keep them up to date on any laws that may change whether this regards cleanliness, data protection or health and safety. 

There are a variety of courses to choose from so you will be able to find one that suits your needs. To make this easier for you, we’ve collated a list of our top four protocol courses for your resort staff.

1. National Hospitality Academy Core Courses

The National Hospitality Academy offer different levels of packages for their core courses. This is ideal for all sizes of businesses as it will be catered to you. The courses range from basic health and safety to specialised food hygiene courses and are all fully certified. You’ll be providing your staff with core certifications, this then becomes a strength of your business and can be listed as a benefit when looking to hire more employees. One particular thing we really like about these courses is that they can be accessed on all devices, making them accessible to everyone. 

2. EHL Short Courses

These protocol courses are slightly more specialised, EHL strives to provide professional and lifelong learning. The short courses are perfect for businesses that are looking to strengthen their core strategies rather than giving quick surface-level training. They are more appropriate for managerial roles and provide specialised training in subjects such as hotel revenue or leading in a multicultural environment. 

3. iHASCO Health & Safety, Human Resources & Compliance

Receiving 4.64/ 5 stars, iHASCO clearly demonstrates that they excel in providing protocol courses for resort staff. iHASCO offer a wide range of courses, conveniently available in bundles to make it easier to purchase a bulk amount of courses. They’ve been providing high-quality hospitality industry training for over a decade and are all accredited by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) service. You’re also able to tailor your courses to your business’s needs.

4. Protocol & Event Management by Oxford Management Centre

Resort often offer evening events for entertainment, and can also be used to host external events such as weddings and work seminars. These events require specialised protocol as they are more large-scale than the day-to-day running of the hotel, using additional equipment which will have different safety warnings. This course will help with educating management about operational protocol and how to ensure events run smoothly regarding health and safety. 

Overall, protocol training is imperative to ensure your staff develop within their roles and continue to be well-rounded employees. Some protocol training, such as health and safety, is mandatory. However, other protocol training such as customer service or events management will just add to your business. As an employer, it is your responsibility to make sure your resort staff have the tools to service your guests to the highest standards.