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Hire A Live In Nanny In London.

At Melissa Private Staffing, we know that every family is different and has specific needs and expectations from hiring a live-out or live-in nanny. Our personalised service ensures that clients receive a shortlist of nannies most suited to their values, lifestyle, and requirements.

Our private Nannies are presentable, nurturing, caring individuals who understand the need for discretion at all times.

As consummate professionals, they are highly qualified but also highly experienced, giving them the ability to work with high-end, prominent families anywhere in the world.

Being highly skilled is par for the course – in childcare, household duties, cleaning and cooking – but what sets Melissa Offer Private Staffing apart is that we’ll find the right person for you – your child, your household, your needs. Customer-centricity doesn’t do justice to the  lengths we go to find the right person for the role.

We only put forward the highest calibre of candidates, so quality is always assured.

Why Use An Agency When Hiring Your Private Nanny?

Entrusting someone with the responsibility of assisting in raising your child and being a role model, and imparting wisdom can be overwhelming when searching for the ideal candidate. 

Rigorous interviewing and background checks are required, and safeguarding precautions and certification are even welcomed to your home. At Melissa Private staffing, all of this is conducted by our team of experts to be confident your children will be in safe, experienced hands.

At Melissa PS, we work with you to ensure that you find your perfect fit. It is important that you have not only someone that matches your lifestyle and family life but share the same values as you. 

We also look for your needs and look to understand your children’s wants and, where possible, look to include them in the decision-making process where possible and if permitted. We ultimately believe this works best to warm your children to your respective chosen nanny.

At Melissa Private staffing we work with you to hire private Nannies for any requirements such as:

  • Full-time Live-in and Daily Nannies
  • Maternity Nurses
  • Maternity Nanny
  • Night Nanny
  • Nanny/Housekeepers
  • Part-time and Shared Nanny
  • Temporary Nanny
  • Seasonal and Temporary Nannies/Proxy Parenting
  • Junior Nannies

What Are The Role Requirements Of Typical British Nannies?

A trained nanny is a professional. Before agreeing to a contract, it will be stipulated what services they will and will not do. 

 Generally, duties to be: laundry (children only), cleaning (children’s bedrooms and playroom only), and cooking (children only).

 Of course, some qualified nannies are willing to be flexible, as well as au pairs and untrained nannies who offer housework plus childcare. At Melissa Offer Private Staffing, we will help guide you to a full range of candidates that meet the exact requirements of your household. 

Some of the key traits we look for in our are nannies are:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of infant and child care, including nutrition and safety
  • Upbeat, compassionate personality
  • Love for children
  • Respectful and well mannered
  • Patience
  • Communication
  • Organisation
  • Discretion
  • Creativity
  • First aid/CPR Certified
  • Cooking and nutrition
  • Household duties

We are dedicated to finding the perfect match for you and your children. So speak to our Private Nanny Agency today and see how we can find your ideal candidate. 

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