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Art Curator Recruitment

Hire professional Art Curators from our
private staff agency.

Your Private Art Curator’s role can take many forms, from maintaining and expanding your art collection or overseeing group shows, to curating special sections of major art fairs or acting as more informal curatorial correspondents.

As with so many private staffing roles it varies hugely, but the common thread is an intricate knowledge of the genre and era of art in question. Beyond this they must be trustworthy, flexible and have excellent communication skills, as well as fantastic industry contacts.

At Melissa PS our expertise spans the industry, and we know people in all the right places, which is why you know you’re in the right place when looking to take on an Art Curator.

Role requirements:

  • Having a deep knowledge of the arts, including artists, artistic forms and artistic methods
  • Possessing specialized knowledge of specific subjects in art and history
  • Developing relationships with important collectors, artists, scholars and others in the art market
  • Researching artists and related subjects
  • Acquiring, collecting and cataloguing works of art
  • Significant experience and credentials in the field

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