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Bespoke Governess Agency.

Often confused with a Nanny, the role of a Governess is distinct to that of other childcare roles.

A private Governess is employed to lead educational activities, as opposed to overseeing your child’s daily routine in terms of eating, sleeping and cleaning. 

As such, they are focussed specifically on your child’s etiquette, education and development.

At Melissa PS, we understand the importance of finding the right person for your child’s needs and personality, but we also know the emphasis that must be placed on maintaining the utmost discretion. As a member of your household, a Governess is privy to your private affairs, with which they must be unequivocally trusted.

As such, we only put forward the best candidates as an experienced London Governess agency, to ensure that each individual will fit seamlessly into your life and home. 

Why Choose Us As Your Governess Agency?

We know the importance of finding the right individual to cater to your children’s needs. But we also know the role of a private Governess extends much further than this – they play a pivotal role in the care, wellbeing and development of your child. So the candidate that you welcome into your home needs to not only be a consummate professional, but an ideal match for your family.

Our private Governesses are highly qualified, presentable and caring individuals who understand the need for discretion and faultless practice. 

As consummate professionals, they are highly qualified but also highly experienced, giving them the ability to work with high-end, prominent families anywhere in the world.

We also take great care to discover your exact requirements, ensuring that each of your needs is met and addressed during our rigorous interviewing and background checks. Our process also requires the highest of security and safeguarding precautions, and we ensure that every individual is screened and certified before entering your home. 

As a dedicated Governess agency, we work to find experienced individuals who exceed your expectations no matter where their role as Governess is based, in London or around the world. 

This is because of our unique connections with established clienteles worldwide, and the highest quality of prospective Governesses, which we can offer to each of our partnered families.

What Is Required Of A Private Governess?

A trained Governess is a professional, nurturing presence in the household. However, before this individual enters into a contract with you and your family, the requirements of their role will be stipulated. 

Of course, this role also requires a degree of flexibility, and so at Melissa Offer Private Staffing, we will help guide you to a range of experienced candidates who can meet your every need.

Typically, the role requirements and skills of a live in Governess are: 

  • Collaboration skills
  • Good time management
  • Curriculum & tutoring experience
  • The ability to teach specialist lessons such as musical instruments or a language
  • Manners, etiquette & social skills
  • Patience
  • Communication
  • Organisation
  • Discretion
  • Creativity

We are dedicated to finding the perfect match for you and your children. So speak to our experienced Governess agency today and see how we can find your ideal candidate. 

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