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4 Reasons You Need An Estate Manager

The estate manager is a trusted role that entails supervising household personnel such as maids, groundskeepers, and chefs and managing third parties such as tradespeople and the overall operation of the property. 

They must be able to handle all of your household’s complexities and distinct characteristics.

But just what is an estate manager, and why might you need one? 

Why do I need an Estate Manager?

A private estate’s care and day-to-day operations are the responsibility of an estate manager. They are responsible for overseeing maintenance, supervising employees, and managing budgets and events. Their employment is usually centred outside of the principal residence.

The estate manager will manage agricultural activities and interact with external staff such as veterinarians if the estate owns animals and livestock. 

They must also ensure that the land is exploited to its maximum potential, whether for farming, commercial, or private purposes.

Because many estates are administered like businesses, an estate manager is expected to assist with profitability. It’s also important that the estate manager keeps track of all money moving in and out, whether the estate is a farm, a wedding venue, or a residential complex with private tenants.

Managing Employees

Our number one objective at Melissa Offer is to find candidates who are organised, and will fit into the estate seamlessly. The estate manager may be in charge of the family home’s upkeep if it is a smaller property, or they may be in charge of the rest of the house’s domestic workers in this situation.

Butlers, private cooks, and housekeepers are all possible candidates. If the estate is large, the estate manager may be responsible for all aspects of the property aside from the family’s primary residence. The outside domestic workers would be overseen by the estate manager in this situation.

This is why it’s critical that the right candidate has experience in managing small or large members of a household or estate, so that you can ensure that you’re trusting this vital role to someone with the knowledge and capabilities to create a smooth, efficient estate. 

This is also why, at times, it’s best to hire a candidate from an experienced staffing agency, with in-depth background and screening checks, and access to only the best of the private staffing industry.

Keep Your Household Running Smoothly

Keeping your home functioning smoothly is essential when you’re not around. 

Anyone considering employing an estate manager is likely to own many residences or frequently travel for pleasure and work. 

Having a permanent estate manager on hand will guarantee that your home is never left in disarray while you’re away, keeping the staff productive and taking care of any maintenance, repairs, or cleaning.

At Melissa Offer, we understand that it’s not just an “Estate”, It is also a person’s home. As a result, we ensure that the estate management services you require meet or surpass your expectations.

Travel More, Relax More

Your estate manager will always be available for you if you own numerous houses or travel frequently. Hiring an Estate manager at Melissa Offer will allow you to feel more relaxed and trust that your home will always be in safe hands. 

All our estate managers are fully qualified to do the following: They’ll manage your staff, pay your bills, maintain your grounds, winterise your home, arrange your travel, and ready your property for your return. 

So why not see how our experienced teams can match you with the candidate who will fit your requirements perfectly? 

With specialism in tailoring our processes to suit your bespoke needs, we’re confident that we will be able to address your concerns, and find the most ideal estate manager for you and your household.