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A Modern Day Staffing Fairytale – A Career in Private Staffing Will Change Your Life.

Love Is In The Air

A career in private staffing will change your life …sometimes in the most unexpected of ways. Let’s start with the ways you might expect, followed by some we don’t think you’ll have thought of …and then round it off with a fairytale.

Why having staff makes sense

A strong, stable, reliable support team is the key to success – and that’s exactly what having the right people behind you can provide. Taking the strain out of running a household so that you can focus on what you do best, or indeed enjoy. If your lifestyle takes you abroad or away frequently, you want to know that everything is under control in your absence. In fact, ideally, you don’t want to think about it at all – you just want to know.

With the right people in your corner you are stronger, calmer, more able to cope with whatever business, people or life in general have to throw at you. That is the beauty of hiring staff.

Why private staffing is a great career choice

To look at it from the other side of the coin, becoming a member of a household is the most fulfilling of career choices. It provides stability, routine and frequently the most beautiful of surroundings within which to live and work. It offers opportunities to travel, meet people you might never otherwise have crossed paths with, and the chance to be a vital cog in an amazing team of people. Your shared goals unite you, bringing you closer as both colleagues and friends.

Why a domestic staffing career can change your life

If broadening your horizons is on your bucket list, then domestic staffing might suit you down to the ground. We’re frequently told by staff that we’ve placed in households that they never stop learning, growing and enjoying the opportunities their role affords them.

It is no exaggeration to say that a career in a private household will inevitably change you as a person in the best possible way. This starts with wonderful experiences and occasions, though extends right through to new skills, a different perspective on life and a renewed sense of purpose.

Now for the fairytale…

This story is straight off the pages of a romantic novel …except wonderfully, it isn’t. It’s all true. Through Melissa PS two highly experienced individuals were placed in a household. They were by no means the only staff on site but arrived around the same time and got on famously well. As time went on they became firm friends. As we would expect of all the staff we place theyremained utterly professional throughout, but we don’t mind telling you that their friendship blossomed and turned into love. We hope this happy tale has brightened your day, just as it did ours.

We’re sharing this with you now because news reached us just this week that the two have recently got engaged. They got in touch to share the happy news and we couldn’t be more delighted for them. So when we say a career in staffing change your life in the most positive of ways, you really can take our word for it that we mean it.

Love Is In The Air