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Are There Still Ladies’ Maids?

Over history, there have been such influential ladies’ maids that their names remain today. Starting with Catherine Bellier, Anne of Austria’s lady’s maid, or Julie Loise Bibault de Misery, Marie Antoniette’s maid, the list of famous names is long. In addition to them, we remember Frieda Arnold, Queen Victoria’s lady’s maid.

The role of a lady’s maid has played such a fundamental role in history that we can also see it in fiction. Famous TV shows such as Downton Abbey or Dynasty have used characters with this specific role. But not only TV shows, renowned writers like Agatha Christie or Jane Eyre described and gave life to relevant characters as ladies’ maids in their stories.

The ladies’ maid stereotypes shown in books and TV may give us the look of a woman who worked in a house full of servants and would provide personal and private assistance to the lady of the house. But they were much more.

Let’s have a walk through history and explore how the lady’s maid role has evolved over the years.

Ladies’ maids would usually work closely with her employer, managing her wardrobe, jewellery, accessories, and other garments back in the day. Hence, she would keep her belongings in the best condition and know which outfit was perfect for any occasion. On top of that, she would look after her lady’s personal care, such as hair styling, bathing and makeup.

Besides the maid’s daily tasks, her knowledge of her employer’s personal effects was essential when it came to the time of travelling. She would be responsible for packing and choosing the clothes according to the events.

Moreover, they had a higher rank in the hierarchy of the household staff, as they were one of the closest people that the lady could have. They would also behave as a counsellor, confidant, and the person she would trust to make the best decisions for her own good.

Do Ladies’ Maids Still Exist?

Yes, they still exist. Although the position has evolved over the years, the role is the same in essence: looking after the lady of the house.

Ladies’ Maids today

A woman requiring a maid nowadays is someone with a busy lifestyle who needs a personal assistant and a little extra. Someone who will look after her style, vast wardrobe, accessories and appearance.

In addition, the maid will perform the usual duties of a personal assistant, such as keeping track of her employer’s agenda, travel arrangements and social life. Besides that, they might be required to attend events to assist the lady, her guests and ensure everything runs smoothly.

A successful lady’s maid nowadays looks after her lady’s clothes and keeps them in a perfect state. She ensures that the clothes are cleaned, ironed and properly stored. Moreover, new ladies’ maids are on top of fashion trends, so they can provide the best advice when shopping for new outfits. Furthermore, they often also specialise in spa, hair and skin procedures, becoming a pillar to rely on in the household.

Therefore, having an employee like a lady’s maid is highly beneficial when it comes to travelling, as the lady won’t need to look for someone she doesn’t know to take care of her whilst abroad.

Besides these professional skills, a lady’s maid must also have other personal skills that make her perfect for this job. Being honest, willing to help, trustworthy, and having exquisite manners are essential to performing their duties properly.

As we have seen, there are various advantages of having a lady’s maid as part of your household, from supporting personal tasks like shopping and styling to helping you get ready for important events.

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