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Benefits Of Having A Gym At Home

Going to the gym regularly is an excellent habit to practice as there are many benefits that a workout can have to your body and mind. However, the dynamic nature of life can sometimes prevent the active lifestyle you strive for. Regardless of how motivated you may be, work commitments, family obligations, and an active social life may prevent you from making it to the gym. Therefore, having a home gym is crucial. 

Regular exercise has a positive impact on your health and wellbeing. With exercise equipment specifically designed for home use now on the market, working out from home is more popular than ever. 

A home gym alongside home-workout tutorials or hired in-house personal trainers will help you stay fit and healthy no matter your situation. 

Explore some of the benefits of having a home gym:

Sticking to your fitness routine

According to the physical activity guidelines for adults provided by the UK Chief of Medical Officers, adults in England aim to get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each week, in sections of 10 minutes or more. An adult is considered to be partaking in moderate-intensity activity when they get warmer, starts to breathe harder and when their hearts begin to beat faster but can still hold a conversion. 

Being able to stick to an exercise routine can be more complex than initially thought. You may have the best intentions and plan your routines, but unforeseen circumstances can always crop up. Day to day life can interrupt your exercise schedule with family, work or social commitments. Busy days can disrupt your routine, and you can be thrown off balance and give up on exercising altogether. Having gym equipment in your own home can remove those hurdles that keep you from your goals, as you have no excuse to stop exercising when it’s on your doorstep.

Exercise when it works for you

A massive benefit to having a home gym is that you are not restricted by time. You will no longer need to carve time out of your day to exercise. You will also not need to be waiting for the perfect travel time or for the gym to be less crowded. With a gym in your home, you can jump into a workout without thinking twice. You can also work out whilst watching your favourite shows.

A comfortable environment

Many gyms have a dress code. When you exercise from home, you can reap the benefits of wearing what you please. You will not need to worry if your clothes look good, fit correctly or are aesthetically pleasing. An in-home gym provides you with the freedom to wear whatever you are comfortable in. 

Temperatures are the gym can sometimes make the environment uncomfortable as this could be too hot or too cold. The management at the gym tries to check the temperature at the middle ground, but this changes based on the number of people in the gym and the intensity of a workout. While working out at home, you have complete control of your thermostat, so you can always work out in the most comfortable environment. 

With a home gym, you can listen to your favourite songs or choose something quiet and relaxing. This way, you won’t be subject to music that doesn’t encourage your workout efforts in the gym.

Perfect privacy

It is widely known that physical exercise assists in relieving stress and anxiety. However, some people find going to the gym very nerve-wracking, creating a vicious cycle of intimidation and worrying about being judged whilst working out. 

People’s primary fear is judgement about their weight and shape; however, there are a variety of reasons that people fear working out in the gym, for example: 

  • Looking awkward whilst exercising 
  • Not using equipment correctly 
  • Performing exercises incorrectly 
  • Not looking athletic 
  • Concerned about panting, sweat, smell and redness 

Within the privacy of your own home, you won’t have these pressures. You can huff, puff and learn in your own time. You can also hire a personal trainer to assist in teaching you about correct processes and procedures without fear of being judged.

No childcare stress

Finding high-quality care for your children can be difficult, and essential aspects of life such as errands and appointments are likely planned around the availability of childcare. It can become a hassle to book childcare for an hour or two to go to the gym a few times a week, and it’s a common reason why adults back out of their commitment to fitness. 

Thankfully, a home gym allows you to exercise whilst your child sleeps, is playing or completing their schoolwork.

No more commuting

With your gym based in your home, time shouldn’t be an issue as you have eliminated the travel aspect. For example, a 45-minute workout will only take 45 minutes of your day, so you have plenty of time to continue with your routine and commitments.

Removes the awkward waiting and distractions

Another benefit of having a home gym, you won’t need to wait for the equipment you require to complete your workout routines. Now that you’re not waiting on others, your exercise routine may speed up and allow more time for you. 

It also relieves the pressure on you to finish your workout faster because a person is waiting for a piece of equipment you are using. A home gym allows you to work out at your own pace.

Free reign on your gym design

Unfortunately, when you go to a gym, you are limited by the available equipment. However, you can choose the gear you want or need when exercising from home. If your workout routine changes and you need new equipment, you can buy this for yourself without relying on the gym’s resources.You can do so many things with an at-home gym, but don’t let this overwhelm you. If you are unsure of a starting point, you can consult a professional fitness consultant or a personal trainer who can look at your home space, consider your workout requirements, and help you select the right equipment and layout.

More hygienic

Working out causes perspiration. You then have sweaty hands touching weights and equipment, sweat dripping on benches, and saliva can be expelled from the mouth during the huff and puff of strenuous exercise. Therefore, disease transmission is always likely at a public gym. 

Many people at the gym have no regard for those around them and won’t clean the equipment after use. However, having your own private workout space means less exposure to germs. You know all your equipment is clean because you cleaned it. 

An at-home gym is a priority for anyone serious about staying fit and healthy. You will have much more flexibility with a home gym, allowing you to get a good workout in on your terms while remaining comfortable. Whether you’re looking to burn fat, improve muscle definition or improve your health, home workouts can benefit you. 

If you are unsure where to start with your workout routines, we can connect you with personal trainers that will work from your home and help you.