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Bilingual Nannies & Their Many Advantages.

Private Nanny Playing With Children

If you’re considering taking a nanny position in an English-speaking household, you must have a firm grasp of the language. This goes far beyond simple vocabulary – it is instead a matter of understanding the many colloquialisms and foibles that the English language possesses.

But if English isn’t your first language you should not dismiss the idea of a childcare position without first considering the advantages it may present to you. For it is increasingly favourable among English household staff to have a second language that they can impart to the children of the home.

Why hiring a Bilingual Nanny makes perfect sense

The advantages of a bilingual nanny are many, but start with the fact that your child will have the opportunity to learn a second language from a young age. If this raises objections such as ‘it might confuse my child’ or ‘this could slow cognitive ability’, be assured that neither are true, in fact the very opposite is the case.

Learning a second language at a young age encourages cognitive development, requires good critical thinking and problem solving, alongside listening skills.

The ability to speak in more than one language requires focus, memory and attention – which will encourage academic excellence but also serve your child well in later life.

Why a Bilingual Nanny is better than a Language Tutor

The reason so many children are encouraged to go on exchange trips when learning a language is that there is no better way to learn than full immersion. This is exactly what a bilingual nanny offers – your child will be able to pick up everyday words, phrases and intonation from a native speaker. Furthermore, all the learning will happen through sensory experience rather than from behind a desk, which is a much easier way for a young child to learn.

Beyond the language itself there is the opportunity to learn about another culture – the food, the history, the art, the traditions. Such things all contribute to an appreciation of the world and a celebration of the differences in others at a formative age, allowing your child to learn empathy and appreciation without ever feeling they’re being taught.

If you’ve decided a bilingual nanny is for you, get in touch with Melissa Offer Private Staffing to discuss the bespoke service we offer.

Similarly, if you feel you could offer this level of service to a household, get in touch with Melissa Offer Private Staffing today to assess your suitability.

Private Nanny Playing With Children