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Residential Security – What It Entails and How It Can Make a Huge Difference to Your Home.

Residential Security Guard In Front Of Security Gate

Residential Security Teams (also sometimes known as RSTs) can mean the difference between worrying and sleeping soundly. Many of our clients have more than one residence, or have to spend extended periods of time abroad or away from home.

No-one should feel at risk or vulnerable in their own home; but sadly, wealth and fame attract a certain level of threat. There is enough to occupy your thoughts already without adding the stress of worrying about your loved ones’ safety. Which is why taking on a Residential Security Team (or an individual) makes perfect sense.

Over the years we have worked with numerous clients around the world on their security cover, either on a short or long-term basis, to provide them with a home security solution that suits their needs.

What does Residential Security involve?

Just as it sounds, Residential Security ensures that your property or properties are under constant, manned surveillance. Should there be any problems or suspected breaches, someone is only moments away.

This is far more than a manned guarding service. Our residential security officers provide the highest level of professionalism, discretion and attention to detail, offering a non-intrusive security service and fitting in with the rest of your household staff, without affecting the life of your family in any way – except that you’ll all be safer.

While exact requirements depend entirely on your needs, responsibilities can include 24/7 protection of you and your family, travel planning, crisis intervention and management, liaising with authorities, communicating with family members and responding to medical emergencies.

If needed, we can provide staff to routinely protect you, your family and your properties, either when you’re away or in residence. This is always executed professionally, discreetly and with the minimum of disruption.

How do you find the right person for the job?

All our security personnel are fully trained to deal with high-pressure circumstances.

The Residential Security Teams and individuals we place in households are for the most part made up of former members of the armed forces and ex-police officers, which makes them highly experienced, diligent and well trained. Furthermore, they are all registered with the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

But they must fit in with you, your family and your lifestyle, which is our area of expertise – placing exactly the right person in the role.

For ultimate peace of mind, we are able to supply a 24-hour residential security service, with members of your dedicated security team working in rotations, so that you’re never left unprotected.

Why hire a Residential Security Team?

– Increased safety for you and your family

– Expert support and guidance in unlikely events

– Flexible working hours

– Potential dangers are identified before they ever materialise

– Fewer worries and less stress

If you would like to take on a Residential Security Team or individual, please contact Melissa Offer Private Staffing on +44(0) 207 101 3173. The same number applies if you are considering a career in Residential Security. We look forward to hearing from you.

Residential Security Guard In Front Of Security Gate