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Top Five Etiquette Tips for Household Staff.

Etiquette Dictionary Entry

Put simply, etiquette can open doors for you. Both in your career, (regardless of your chosen industry), though also in everyday life.

But in domestic staffing it is of particular relevance. In order to be given the opportunity to progress, correct etiquette is nothing short of paramount. Beyond securing your chosen role in the first place it will ensure you make a good impression, fit seamlessly into the household and are able to establish job security.

Once in employment, it goes without saying that well-mannered interaction with both your employers and their guests is crucial, but maintaining standards of etiquette beyond work and into your daily lifestyle will also stand you in good stead to progress further in your profession.

Here, we’ve compiled our top five etiquette tips, to help you focus your efforts in the right direction.

Think ahead

Anticipating the needs of your employer will ensure you become an integral part of the household. In order to do this, you should make sure you are always aware of the schedule and any changes there may be to it at the earliest available opportunity. That way you can make sure you’re already meeting their needs without being asked – and should the timetable change again, you’re prepared.

Correction then reflection

We are all human and we all make mistakes, but in a domestic staffing situation, your employer isn’t looking for an apology and the opportunity to forgive you, they’re looking for the mistake to be rectified. So rather than saying sorry, which both wastes time and brings into question your capabilities, simply correct your error and swiftly move on. There will be time later to consider where you went wrong and what can be done to avoid it happening again.

Take the initiative

Once all your given tasks have been completed, a competent, confident member of staff will take the initiative and make independent decisions that will further benefit the household. Such initiative will be hugely appreciated, as long as it is within the parameters of the role and doesn’t interfere with the work of other household staff.

The devil is in the detail

In an effort to be efficient, it is important not to gloss over any finishing touches. Your employer is looking for consistently high standards without any decline in quality, regardless of the volume of work or the time of day.

Actions rather than words

Discretion is of the utmost importance to any domestic staffing role, regardless of position within the household, longevity of service or the status of your employer. When questioned you should always respectfully decline to respond, both to others within the household, though most certainly to those beyond.

Etiquette Dictionary Entry