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Why Hiring a Domestic Couple Might Suit You Down to the Ground.

Domestic Couple Smiling In Private Household Kitchen

Every estate, family and household is unique, so versatility is the key when considering hiring a domestic couple. And therein lies the advantage of such an arrangement – the sheer flexibility.

Furthermore, if your staff are to live-in, a domestic couple presents the obvious advantage of living in a single household or quarter. The arrangement also eliminates any potential concerns about staff not getting along with one another, as they are often married or in a long-term relationship.

This means they will be used to and happy working with one another, so things will get done quicker and more effectively. They will communicate well and compliment one another’s strengths and weaknesses, thus ensuring the smooth running of the household.

The arrangement tends to be a cost-effective one too, as beyond a need for less space and accommodation, there is often a joint salary arrangement. Similarly, thanks to the likely broad range of skills a domestic couple brings to the household, their presence means a need for fewer staff members overall.

Their annual leave will likely be taken at the same time, meaning a single period of cover needed from your perspective as an employer. And on that vein, it is of great benefit to your household’s security to have a domestic couple on site, as their residential status means they are able to act as custodians in your absence.

Even when you’re in residence they can be there to take deliveries and oversee any contractors in your stead.

Similarly, they are there should you need support with looking after children or animals in your absence, as well as looking after the house itself. Both animals and children will be much happier when cared for by people that are already familiar to them.

The couple’s collective skills could range from gardener to chauffeur, nanny to butler and all manner of possibilities in between. It is fairly common for a domestic couple to work across multiple households and international locations too, which saves an awful lot of hassle for an employer.

The advantage to employing a domestic couple that so many households talk about, is that it is extremely common for them to become an integral part of the household, which means they remain loyal to the family in question and are likely to stay for longer, which is much easier and less hassle from an employer’s perspective.

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Domestic Couple Smiling In Private Household Kitchen