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Why Should You Consider Household Staff When Living Abroad

Your essential household staff have played an enormous role in your day-to-day in the UK. You understand the value of a robust support system, as your team of excellent household staff has shown you. It has allowed you to juggle various priorities within your professional and personal life, so why should your international life be different. 

As relocating may not be as easy as we wish, hiring essential staff when living abroad is an investment in yourself and your home life. And with your international team prepared, they will be a great advantage in assisting you to move smoothly through this transitional period. Whilst fitting seamlessly into your daily routine, they will provide you with support and union between your estate or property.

Give Domesticated Opportunities to Those Who Desire to Work Within a Household

Over the last century, there has shown to be a more positive attitude towards household employment which even plays an essential role in running a busy home. Maintaining organisation, cleanliness, and order within a large property takes efficiency, time, and skill. 

There’s a whole world of employees who desire to work within a household. For example, our Private Chefs, Personal Assistants, Housekeepers, Nannies etc., are just a few professionals with expert knowledge and experience. At Melissa Offer, we provide an extensive range of staff ready to effortlessly fit into your international home.

Essential Staff to Consider Taking Overseas


The right Housekeeper will oversee, manage and be responsible for the upkeep of the household. This essential staff member will liberate you from tedious cleaning procedures and keep on top of the organisation within your home whilst you enjoy life overseas. 

Your Housekeeper’s responsibilities will relieve pressures such as; laundry/ironing, cooking, wardrobe management, unpacking/packing of suitcases, errands, cleanliness maintenance, etc. Essentially your Housekeeper is one (or some) of the most crucial staff members you can enrol on your home.

Private Personal Assistant

So, running a home, maintaining a successful career and keeping on top of your busy social calendar is becoming a tiny hurricane of madness? A Private Personal Assistant or live-in Assistant could be the perfect solution to this whirlwind of a lifestyle you might have going on. They’re here to help you with your day-to-day administrative priorities, diary management, ad hoc personal errands, etc.
Having an international Personal Assistant can help assist you with the big move, whilst also helping you get into the flow of life in a new city. Let them show you their fantastic organisational skills and all-around personable persona to take your life from frantic to peaceful in no time.

Private Live-in Chef

Food is an integral part of our daily routine, and as we are becoming more conscious of what we put in our bodies and how food is prepared, it can become a very time-consuming act. So, when it comes to the end of our day, avoid less time in the kitchen and more time indulging in other luxuries with the help of your Private Chef. 

At Melissa offer, we provide Michelin star standard private Chef services, who will offer you the day-to-day assistance in making mouthwatering meals for all occasions. Forget about ingredients, measurements and all that comes with cooking up a gourmet storm in the kitchen, as your Chef has got that covered. Read more on what you need to know when hiring a Private Chef abroad.

Private Chauffeur

You’re in a new city, and maybe you’re unfamiliar with the local and surrounding areas, but you still want to explore.
The unknown shouldn’t stop you from experiencing the richness and culture of your new home or the smooth running of your day-to-day life (when you’re not living for the moment). Taking a Private Chauffeur onboard is the key to resolving this. A chauffeur will assist you in moving from location to location and ensuring your safety, welfare, and comfort along all journeys. You might also want to consider a Security Chauffeur for your travels. Providing you with security services whilst also being your point of call to get you safely from A to B.

Garden & maintenance staff

Your grounds are just as important as the maintenance of your property. Staffing trusted professionals, your home will have a constant support system if any problems arise.

Your garden is the first impression family, visitors, clients, and colleagues get when visiting your home. That’s why your garden must be maintained and look it’s absolute best. Your Head Gardener, skilled in horticulture, will propel your garden forward by developing beautiful landscapes for your outside environment. Whilst also being on hand to discuss any plans you may have.

We like to call them ‘the unsung heroes’ – Residential Maintenance Staff. Without them, nothing works, quite literally. Your property will need maintenance help from time to time, and these solution providers are nothing but angels sent from above. Quick and effective problem solving is nothing but crucial when looking after a large property.


Whilst all of our suggestions above are there to guide you, take the time to dive deeper and discover our luxury, private and domesticated household staff. 

Make that move overseas with confidence and take on your new life with a support system that’ll cater to your needs. You’ll soon be delegating duties and responsibilities to your staff. Allow your international household staff to make your life easier, safer, more comfortable and enjoyable for the length of your stay. We are here to support you and your international journey. 

You can also give us a call at Melissa Offer Private Staffing on +44(0) 207 101 3173, and we can discuss your options in more detail.